Conductive Labs is looking for software developers. As we ramp up our next products we need talented software developers that have the following experience…

  • Language – C/C++ with working knowledge of real time / audio programming. JUCE or other audio dev framework experience a plus. 3D graphic lib knowledge a plus.
  • Target Platform – Micro controller (NXP Arm core, etc…) & Raspberry Pi.
  • Dev Environments – vsCode/Platform I/O
  • FW Dev (application) – Sequencer, MIDI controller, VA/Wavetable etc.
  • Usability –  an eye for user interaction & industrial design
  • Music – Experience playing an instrument, music theory / composition theory a plus

The gig is to help with our next products:
Project 1 – Custom synth engine & 3D visualization for a hardware based next generation wavetable synthesizer. Based on Raspberry Pi 4 (Linux) + micro controller (in house libs++) hardware. Large LCD screen, knobs and buttons. We are very excited about this hardware synthesizer with a large visual component to enable users to physically interact with real time visual feedback of timbres and modulation.

Project 2 – Custom multitrack algorithmic sequencer with advanced note filtering for a hardware based MIDI/CV controller. Based on high end MCU (in house libs++) hardware. OLED screen / LED button grid, knobs and buttons. We are very excited about this generative controller to enable users to algorithmically create collections of motif variations and chord beds and assemble them to create tonal compositions that transcend diatonic structure.

Some company background…  We are a small electronic musical instrument company located in Portland Oregon since 2017. The company was self-financed and both of our first products were funded through Kickstarter. Myself and business partner Darryl took early retirement from Intel and are now pursuing our passion/dream jobs. Our first product is called The NDLR (pronounced noodler). It is a hybrid sequencer/arpeggiator that controls multiple synthesizers while maintaining key and mode. It enables the user to select cord degrees and types to create live/generative music. The second product is more utilitarian, it is called the MRCC – MIDI Router Control Center. A fully featured standalone MIDI router that specifically does not require a computer to be configured. Particularly useful in DAW-less studios and live situations.

Use the Support page contact form to send us a summary of your skills/interest and your email address and we’ll get back to you.