Yes, but there were some limitations prior to firmware version 1.0.051 (March 2022). Check for the latest firmware updates on the MRCC download page, or for pre-release versions on the MRCC Open Beta Firmware forum.

Before version 1.0.051:

MRCC could route SysEx (MIDI System Exclusive messages) from any MRCC input to outputs 1 through 6 (5 pin DINs). Outputs 7 through 12 did not support SysEx.

The Remote 7 would only route SysEx when configured as MIDI thru for outputs 1 thru 5.

As of firmware version 1.0.051 (March 2022), SysEx is passed on all MRCC DIN and TRS outputs, and Remote 7 outputs. Passing SysEx between two MRCCs connected with an Ethernet cable is not currently enabled.

Most vendors recommend connecting their MIDI devices directly to the computer for firmware updates.