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So I have had the NDLR for a couple weeks now and while it is a great product I have a couple of things that I would love to see implemented:

1) I had a quick review through the forum and have seen this being asked for multiple times, but I'd like to re-iterate how nice it would be to have more control of the MIDI on signal for the Pad and Drone. I would absolutely love if pressing either the play button or any of the chord buttons would send a MIDI on signal and after a user defined (and modulatable) length of time later a MIDI off signal would be sent. 
2) not sure if this has been suggested before, but it is similar to number 1. I would love if you could select the number of times the motifs "loop". Essentially so you could press the play or chord button and have the motif arp play all the way through just once (or twice, etc.) and then stop.

Sorry if this is all duplicates of other threads, I just wanted to add my two cents.
Regarding 1) are you asking for a MIDI Start command to be sent from the NDLR to something external when starting Drone or PAD? And later it send a MIDI Stop command after some defined time? What is it you want to Start and Stop? Drum machine maybe?
If you configure the NDLR MIDI Out: Start/Stop setting on Settings menu 1, it will send a MIDI Start command when the first part is started, and a MIDI Stop command when the last part is stopped.

Regarding 2) You can turn the parts on and off through the MOD matrix. First create an LFO (in the LFO CONFIG menu) with the number of beats for the part to run. Set the shape to square wave.
In the MOD Matrix, set the source to the LFO you created, then set destination to the desired Part on/off. Set MOD AMT to over 50%.
The number of beats is not working exactly right, you should make it 2x what you want.
Darryl I added a sighting for that LFO timing issue and will see if I can repro it.

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