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Take care driving the NDLR via midi controller
Apologies if this has been discussed already, and it is likely obvious to most, but worth mentioning...

If you have a midi controller driving the NDLR take care not to touch any of the controller's sliders, knobs etc while on the NDLR's channel. 

There are a few cool abilities like being able to change scale or tempo using a knob or being able to change your knob midi assignments on the fly, but in most cases it causes some menus to produce strange results, eg the Keyboard Control setting in Settings Menu 1 gets really screwy, showing options you cannot otherwise select. 

It can be fun, but in most cases getting too knobby creates unpredictable results. I wouldn't mind seeing this more flushed out though! I would love to assign all of the NDLR's different encoder options to an external controller.
Screen refresh has a very low priority, and there are cases where MIDI will interrupt a screen update which can cause screen corruption. You can typically switch to a different screen and back to fix it. It would be helpful to have specifics about which CCs you have configured the controller to change on The NDLR and which screen you are seeing the problem in.
I will write down what I see next time.

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