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Dancing on the Lawn
21st Century Eric Satie. Roland Alpha Juno, Waddorf Blofeld and Waldorf Streichfett.

Happy New Year everyone!
Aaaaah :-) Beautiful. Thanks for sharing
(01-05-2020, 09:08 AM)jeremyhk Wrote: Aaaaah :-) Beautiful. Thanks for sharing
Thanks Jeremy!
Nice ambient. So relaxing!

Honestly, this song reminds me of the times I was at the farm working with my dad. It was last spring and I worked really hard to appreciate my dad. He's never saw me as a good farmer and this time I wanted to prove him wrong. I was especially good at pulling the weed. My dad had a very bad back, so I had to do this job alone. I've purchased the necessary working tools at to make the job easier. It was great as I was literally dancing on the lawn, but later my back was hurting too. It seems like we're getting old with every hour.
Beautiful. A bucolic reminiscence for me.
haha, this one is funny
i  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want a streichtfett (already have a blo)

its a very soothing piece. something I need the fett for I think I tend to be manic

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