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MIDI woes (part 1)
(12-08-2019, 09:27 PM)Darryl Wrote: Thanks for the report, we'll take a look at it this week.

Thanks Darryl.

I've noticed that it's most likely to happen with the first press of a chord button after the pad is started on it's own. The steps I've followed which seem to reliably show the problem are.

  1. Power on the NDLR
  2. Press the Pad Play button - the pad sends notes.
  3. Press a different chord button to the one that's playing. The NDLR's display will change but no new notes are output.
  4. Press the Pad Play button again to stop. The note off messages are sent for the notes that should have been played in step 3. Some notes are usually left hanging.

Hi All,
Darryl and I just confirmed this buggy behavior (see below for repro steps). I will investigate and fix ASAP. 

In the mean time if you press the "I" cord a 2nd time everything seems to be working after that.
So the internal bug is some flag not being set for the 2nd chord press.

You guys chasing this down and posting great reproduction steps really helps! 

Steve & Darryl

Reproduction Steps
We reset the unit to default preset "0", set all 4 parts to port USB1, and hooked the NDLR to the PC via USB and ran MIDI OX monitor.

1) press PAD (on) -> CEG notes "ON" show in MIDI OX
2) press IV F  -> nothing shows
3) press PAD (off) -> CFA notes "OFF" show in MIDI OX

MIDI OX Output...

    10674 MID --    147    60  127    4  C  4 Note On             
    10674 MID --    147    64  127    4  E  4 Note On             
    10674 MID --    147    67  127    4  G  4 Note On             
    48174 MID --    131    60    0    4  C  4 Note Off             
    48175 MID --    131    65    0    4  F  4 Note Off             
    48175 MID --    131    69    0    4  A  4 Note Off
Hi Guys,
BUG FIXED in new FW 1.1.063

Crazy thing is that it has been in there since March! YIKES
It happened moving from .026 to .027 when I was fixing another Pad issue.

Thanks again for the Report and the Repro steps. It enables me to jump to it and fix it.
(12-10-2019, 07:02 PM)Steve Wrote: Hi Guys,
BUG FIXED in new FW 1.1.063

Woo, that seems to have fixed it for me! Quick first experiments show none of my other stuck MIDI things seem to be happening either, so I am hoping they were all just cascading from the same problem.

[Image: gGzCVFp.jpg]
Awesome news!
Thanks again for reporting it.
Just adding my thanks to all involved in this - for the diagnostics and subsequent fix. I don't have to use the Panic button to make my D-05 shut up anymore!
Hi guys,
I'm lost:
I have updated to the latest firmware (NDLR_v1.1.079.ino_.hex_) but the pad notes get stuck all the time when I change chords!!
I am using MIDI A connecting to a Jupiter XM.
I've been doing computer music since 1989 - I just get don't get it. Is there any MIDI-Setting I'm not aware of? Huh 

Hey Tobi, if you can email me at and tell me the details of your setup and the scenario in which you're experiencing the hung notes I can try and help you troubleshoot.

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