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Deliveries from October 2019 batch
Hello all NDLR customers in the UK. Just wondered if anyone has received their NDLR from the October 2019 batch yet? I know they started to ship last week, but I've received nothing yet, not even a customs note asking for import duty. If you could post here when you receive yours, UK or otherwise, with Received, your country name and date received in the subject line to keep it quick and clear, I'm sure that would be greatly appreciated by other customers around the world too, and save Conductive being hassled by loads of "Where's my NDLR" type requests.  
Thank you!
Update: You should receive an email from the courier, FedEx (or other - I believe shipments to Germany are using a different carrier) with your NDLR's tracking information. Clicking on the link only shows the send date.

However, if you copy the tracking number from the email then go here: can track your NDLR's progress, although this may not currently show much information other than it being shipped. Read on...
You can also sign up for shipping updates. 
Tick all of the alert boxes and pop in your email address, and you should get an update after a few minutes. This is much more helpful than the tracking information on the website.  It looks like mine should be delivered to the UK on Wednesday 13th Smile

Worth a shot.
November 20th 2019: Hi all, just for your info, I've now received my NDLR from the latest batch (over a week ago), so it looks like they're now landing in the UK. Smile
For those still waiting, if you've not received an email from FedEx to say it's on its way, it may be worth checking with Conductive Labs, as mine took only four days to get here from Hong Kong, and two of those days were a weekend.

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