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CC 26 in the NDLR manual
I often use Stepic - a software sequencer that can send CC to external devices - to sequence the NDLR. Today, I decided to encode every CC for the NDLR into a Stepic device patch (which I will share later) rather than just the basics.  My thinking is that with all CC codes, I can automate the switching of instruments connected to the four NDLR tracks via changing channel numbers for each, etc.

While doing this, I noted an error in the manual: page 59 lists CC 26 for the Motif 2 MIDI Port, while page 56 shows CC 26 as the Chord Degree. 

I *think* page 59 is in error.

The hex codes in the page 59 table correspond to CC24 and CC25, but the CC codes are 25 and 26, respectively. 

Hope this helps others using CC codes to manipulate the NDLR in real-time.
Thank you for pointing this out. I am pretty sure I dropped the ball reporting this error last time. I've now sent the note to Steve to edit that.

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