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Sending MIDI CC From Ableton to NDLR Over USB?
So the manual says I can send CC 73 to change the key of the NDLR

You can see a snapshot of my Ableton session here - see the track labeled 4 MIDI has a clip that is sending CC on 73. The track is set out to send on NDLR (port 1)  out to NDLR via USB.
 [Image: Screen-Shot-2023-08-08-at-9-51-57-PM.png]

Also here are my MIDI settings in Ableton, note that I have clock working where Ableton is the master (when I press play in Ableton, the NDLR starts up and is synced to Ableton's clock.).

[Image: Screen-Shot-2023-08-08-at-9-55-42-PM.png]
to I had to enable the "Track" preferences for output "NDLR (Port 1)" in order to see it as a listed midi output port (see below) otherwise it wouldn't show up. 
 [Image: Screen-Shot-2023-08-08-at-9-57-58-PM.png]

But anyways, no matter what value I set the clip's CC value (in picture 1), I don't see the NDLR LED screen changing to reflect any key changes.
I presume "Settings 1/3" menu on the NDLR has NDLR Cntl set to 1 All? Otherwise I don't see an issue. Then again, I'm no Ableton user.
I'll see if i can try this with ableton, but it sounds like Kris is on the right track. Check to see what port and channel is listed as NDLRCtrl and make changes if necessary. You may also try sending other CCs from the list, as worst case scenario the CC may be a typo, but I don't think so.
Yes, I was able to confirm that the above settings work when you change the MIDI output channel to match the NDLR Ctrl channel from the settings 1/3 page top right box. Default setting is Ch 15 on any port. I made the Ableton output channel 15 on the 1st NDLR port and it worked.

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