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Running status for DIN
(05-27-2023, 06:07 PM)oldgearguy Wrote:
(05-27-2023, 01:09 PM)dlundqvist Wrote:
(05-26-2023, 05:40 PM)oldgearguy Wrote: I don't think the MRCC will take 'long' MIDI messages and create running status versions.  I think what Darryl and Jesse are saying is that gear that sends running status is handled properly.

Well, that is exactly what it must/should do when message is from USB since the concept of running status does not exist there.

Again,  it's up to the sending thing (hw, sw) to generate running status, not up to any middleman since they have no idea what msg is coming next. 

USB in and of itself does not dictate whether running status is allowed.  The MIDI protocol defines the messaging.  USB is really just a transport mechanism.

Correct, USB is a transport for MIDI. But USB MIDI has no concept of running status, whereas DIN MIDI does. It's an integral part of it, and important for cutting down the number of bytes going over the wire. MRCC has it legs in both worlds, USB and DIN. Therefore I presume that it will handle running on DIN fine, regardless if it's input or output.

It's not up to the application, in the end, what goes over the wire (unless you write directly on the serial line). We all use different APIs, and the APIs I've seen so far all deal with complete messages. Then it's the actual transport that does running status or not. 

But API questions are moot, I have hardware (Roland GI-20) that may generate lots of MIDI data, and it does use running status. So I'm quite interested to know if MRCC will correctly preserve running status on DIN output, regardless whether other messages from other inputs have been merged into the output or not. If it can't, that's fine with me. Just means I have to find router/solution. I have no horse in this race, just want to find out if MRCC is a product for me or not.
DIN MIDI, TRS MIDI, USB MIDI none of them care about running status. The MRCC should simply pass everything it sees from an input to an output. When you ask the MRCC to merge streams or to do things like apply filters or transpose to incoming data, then I agree with you - the MRCC guys should be able to say definitively whether they handle it properly or not.

Without some careful coding, I could see a situation where running status from synth on one port is being merged with distinct note on/off from another port and a transpose being applied to it causing some problems, so some actual tests and results would be nice to have.
Since MRCC is a device that merges DIN and USB MIDI input, how it handles running status on DIN output is very much relevant, which is the whole point of my question. Not how running status works in general or applies to other equipment.

So, can anyone from Conductive Labs chime in with some detailed answers?
Yeah, it is my understanding that Running status is handled properly on the MRCC and you should be good, but if you can give me a test scenario that I can set up in my studio I'm happy to help test the theory. I just don't think I have any gear that runs it. Can a test be devised with something like MIDIOX?

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