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Bug: MRCC stops creating new routes
I've encountered this twice now: for an unknown reason, MRCC stops creating new routes until I power cycle. Routes can still be removed and the interface is otherwise responsive, but new routes simply don't get created.

This is on latest firmware (071)

Actually, this situation has more symptoms: MRCC stops routing events when this happens. Interface does stay responsive though you can't create routes.
It sounds to me like you may be hitting the limit of routings (I think it's either 48 or 44) after which no more routings can be created. You mention the MRCC stops routing events, do you mean all the connections which are already routed? If so this may be something else, what should be happening is if you hit the max, the device no longer routes new connections, but otherwise behaves normally. If you don't have 48 (or 44, whichever it is) routings connected when you experience these symptoms that would be another indicator that somethings else may be at play. Maybe send me an email to with a followup and we can try and see if I can get mine to do it.
What are you considering a routing? I’m not aware of this in the manual.

Is a routing considered towards the limitation only midi in to midi out? Or does that limitation also consider port in/out filters, mods, etc? 

Is that limitation doubled when you have a second MRCC or increased with the remote7?

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