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cant make more than 1 routing
OK, really odd.  Possibly something Ive done/am doing.

I only received my MRCC yesterday (with the 4x1 expander).  took hours to set up lol, noth the MRCC as such, but working out all my routings, and fault finding issues i was getting with the 4x1.

Anyway, got everything working as I wanted it late last night.   My MRCC wasnt on the latest FW, (still had to press shift and save/load) so I updated and everything seemed fine.

This morning I wanted to add an extra USB in (for my iridium.  I had it into the PC port yesterday as it was the only way I could get it talking, as Iridium is a host too) - I found how to configure correctly.  So Im not getting the green LED on the USB port (was getting red before) OPK, all good.  Now the problem.  I can only make a single routing....  This isnt just on the new port.  If I make changes to saved presets I can only make 1...  For instance, I can go to input 1, and ADD  (to my already working preset) Midi out 8, but iI cant add 9.  If I de-select 8 I can then add 9, but cant then add 10 etc.

This was fine yesterday, and before I updated FW (cant remember if I made some changes after or not).  

Any ideas at all here?  Im SOOOOOOOOOOOO close to having it set up with 4 presets how I need my setup to work.  The ONLY reason I changed was I really wanted the Iridium to work in a Host port and not use the PC one, or I cant route into my PC (which I wouldnt do often, do I  would want to on occasion).

Any ideas here.  Is it that latest FW?  if so how do I roll back.   Anything else that FW introduced I need to do to make multiple connections?

OK..... More playing.

It seems Im out of connections............  If I removed 5, I can add 5 but no more.

PITA lol

I have each of 4 presets set up correctly at least, but It means I cant add any more gear...... I have a Pro3 to integrate once I move to a slightly larger room - which will need 2 conections (1 in and 1 out) minimum (Id like more - i like to be able to play all my sources from all my keybeds)  There MAY be 2 available... or not.

Secondly, I was going to pick up a NDLR once back available, but theres no way Ill have enough routes to integrate that too....

Going to raise this as a ticket...  I get that if you have too much data flowing you get problems, but I dont.   Im not USING all the connections at once, but a long shot.   ITs just so I can go to any keybed, and play and sound source.    At worst Ill be playing the sequencer (HAPAX) or NDLR (If I can integrate it) but that wont use all the connections up either.

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