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Replacement scree
Hey all! So I'm one of the people who leaves their equipment switched on all the time, and now I regret this. I don't look at my MRCC often but I was dismayed to notice the OLED is all burned in and I can barely read some of the menus. 

I've now gotten the firmware that has a screen timeout, but that doesn't fix the burn in that's already there. 

So, question is, has anyone replaced their screen? Is it doable for a hobbyist? I haven't opened the case up yet, figured I'd ask before going to the trouble only to find out it's surface mounted with thousands of soldiers.
Swapping the OLED screen out is not safe for end users, it's a glass panel with sharp edges. We have a couple of units that have been on constantly for about 2 years. We are using these to look into mitigations for the burn-in and will get back to you in a week or so.

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