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Linnstrument MPE Help
Just got my MRCC and after a bit of smashing my head against a wall virtual cables make sense, all good! This is going to save me a lot of pain in the long run for sure. One thing I can't figure out and can't find references to anywhere is MPE compatibility or lack thereof. Here's my use case: I have my Linnstrument 128 connected to the MRCC via USB. Works. I route that to my Mac on Port 1. Cool. Ableton sees this and controls an MPE-enabled soft synth just fine, but only as a single channel MIDI device, not as an MPE controller. I can't seem to find any setting - either in Ableton or the MRCC - to tell either device that the Linnstrument is sending MPE data. By contrast, when I connect the Linnstrument via USB directly to my Mac, it knows that it's getting MPE data without me changing anything, and it works correctly, so this tells me that the Linnstrument is at least sending the right stuff.

So! Is MPE possible via MRCC? If so, what do I need to do to make it clear that that's what I want to send? Thanks!

Duhhhhhh I found it. But I'll leave this here to help others. In Ableton MIDI settings pick the Port your MRCC is transmitting desired data on and select "MPE". That was... easy. Eventually.
Oh good, I know it works because we've had a couple of beta testers who were happily using it. Thank you for following up with the solution that will probably help the next person to come along.

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