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CC Absolute to Relative Conversion

New MRCC owner and really enjoying it so far! It has improved my studio workflow tremendously. 

I'd like to request the option of a modifier that converts CC absolute values to relative values. I'm using an EC4 to control parameters on many devices and the parameters are jumping around. The EC4 has a relative option so this seems like a good solution, but all of my devices use absolute values so I need to convert the CC data somehow. I'm not sure if I could accomplish this using Ableton, I think the CC mode is global and wouldn't allow a relative input from the EC4 to an absolute output for my other devices. Also since the MRCC is handling all of my MIDI routing it'd be great if that could handle the task. 

I don't think my use case is that particular and I would imagine this would be useful for many setups/controllers/etc. 

One of the only solutions I have found so far is using Bome MIDI software -

I'm open to suggestions for other ways to solve this issue. Not many of my synths use MIDI feedback so that's not an option. 

Thanks for listening!
Great idea! I have faderfox LD2 and some configurations are for relative midi signals. In relative mode it send CC 1 or 127 when knob is rotated slowly and "more" when it's moved faster (for example 1..2..3 or 127..126...125....). It could be great to use MRCC to convert (in two ways?) relative/absolute signals.
That is a good idea! I'll pass it along to Steve and see what he thinks!

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