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iPad and Mac - 1 or 2 MRCCs?
I have my MRCC currently orchestrating the right side of my studio, which is mostly modular run by hardware sequencers and iPad apps and mostly non-linear.

The left side of my studio is controlled by a Mac running Logic Pro X, which is mostly linear (but not necessarily).

I have the means, I think, to sync the right side to left when i want to make actual songs from sketches, but the midi routing then becomes an issue.

What I want to be able to do is to control all my midi destinations from my Mac/Logic AND/OR my iPad/AUM at the same time.

Is anyone doing this, surely someone?

Happy to buy a second MRCC if it's the solution.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.
Until someone with a Mac comments, and there are people here with 2 MRCCs using Macs, I can say that on a PC having 2 MRCCs is no problem (well, there is one issue with Windows consistently identifying them, and that's being worked on by the team).  My two routers can talk to each other directly, independent of the PC, being connected with a Cat 6 cable.  Also, my DAW can address both routers and act as a virtual hub between them.  Each MRCC has 12 virtual in and out ports in the DAW going over a single USB connection, meaning there are 12 computer sources and destinations for each unit, in addition to the physical ones.  The setup is quite flexible and useful.
2 MRCCs here and a Mac Mini. Both MRCCs are plugged into the Mac and I have them connected via that extra port on the side.

What that allows is the Mac to address each MRCC as needed and lets me 'cross patch' sources and destinations form the front of the MRCCs as needed.

Setting up all the routing and keeping track of what's normalled to what can be a bit challenging, but when it's set up (and documented for your own sanity), it's really nice to just power up, play some sources, and have it trigger synths and also be recorded in the DAW if desired. One gotcha is making sure you don't have double routes going to the same target. IOW - controller routed through MRCC to synth and to DAW, then DAW output routed to the same synth. It's OK as long as you're not doing the MIDI equivalent of live monitoring in the DAW, otherwise the synth is receiving double the note stream. Options are always route everything through the DAW or set up 2 User presets on the MRCC; one for playing/recording and the other for DAW playback.

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