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Transpose - more than an octave
Is there any technical reason why the Transpose is limited to +/- 12?

In the interests of efficiency (laziness) it would be great if I could use one MOD and have 2 or more octaves of transpose.
Part of the reason is this (bear with me) - the MIDI standard says middle C is raw number 60.  What it does say is whether 60 is C3, C4, or C5.

It depends of course on whether the device starts numbering octaves from C0, C -1, or C- 2.
I have one sequencer that uses a default note value of C3.  Most of the synths it talks to sound better when it's set to C5.  If I could drop a 2 octave transpose on the MRCC for that route, I can make small tweaks on the sequencer without having to go into every step of every track and adjust it up 2 octaves.

I also have a special case where I need between 51 and 58 semitones of transpose and I hate using up most of the MOD slots just transposing.

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