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I love the MRCC
Hello, I'm just a home hobbyist, but of long-standing going way back to cassette-based 4-track recording. DAWs like Voyetra Digital Orchestrator on 5 inch floppies and then 3 inch floppies. Now with Ableton Live.

Only people of a certain age will know what that refers to.

I've been fortunate to recently update with some nice hardware synths.

And your MRCC MIDI Router Control Center which is like a dream come true.

To be sure, I'm only doing the most basic stuff, but it works great!

I'm glad to hear the MRCC is a good fit. I still remember the days long past that I had to type LOAD"*",8,1 to boot up my favorite videogames on my trusty Commodore64. I don't miss waiting for the program to load, but I sure miss some of the games. As far as DAWs go, I didn't start messing with computer music until I was an adult, but Rebirth was probably my introduction, followed by Reason 2.5 and Ableton 4. I've been hooked ever since.

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