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How do I remotely change the arpegiator for a given instrument?
I would like to remotely (with an external controller) turn on / off the arpegiator for the instrument. Doing it from the menu is a bit annoying and rather unsuitable for changing while playing live. I tried to do it, but I fail. Let's assume that I have this configuration:

MIDI INPUT 1 - MIDI controller - can send any signals to any channel to:
MIDI OUTPUT 1 - synthesizer 1, listening on channel 1
MIDI OUTPUT 2 - synthesizer 2, listening on channel 2

MRCC configuration:
Routing INPUT 1 -> OUTPUT 1, OUTPUT 2 (I don't remember if there must be routing if ARP is turned on)

source: port 1, CH1
destination: output 1, channel 1

source: port 1, CH2
destination: output 2, channel2

Now what should I send (channel, CC, value?) From the controller so that the ARP type for synthesizer 1 changes?

And similarly for the synthesizer 2.
The MIDI implementation for the MRCC can be found in the last few pages of the manual. I tried posting a pic, but it seems to fail to load. Here is a link to the pic:

The jist of it is that each Arp on the MRCC listens on the Port and channel you set it to for CC#s 21-27 which control it's various parameters. CC #21  is enable/disable and a value of 64 or better should turn it on, less than that it's off.
I saw this table, but somehow... I didn't understand that. I was trying but without success. Could you provide me guide what information should be send and where? Just like in my example above.
So first of all if you have the ARP being sent you don't want the MIDI notes to be sent too, because they will get doubled up so I think setting:

input 1 ch 1 as the ARP listening port for ARP 1 and Out Port1 Ch 1 as the target, &
input 1 ch 2 as the ARP listening port for ARP 2 and Out Port2 Ch 2 as the target is all good.

So then no MRCC routing between those ports, and now to send CC, I believe you will want to send the CC number 23 to Input 1 Ch1 to change the ARP type of ARP 1, and sending a value of 2 should set it to "ping pong inclusive" mode, for instance.

For Synthesizer number 2, you would send MIDI CC 23 to Input 1 CH 2. If you try this and it's not working let me know and I would be happy to test it out on my end.
Ok, I found what the problem is with arp (in my case). I use small USB keyboards with almost only keys. But it's great keyboard and very useful for bass/strings section (with arp). There are no any additional encoders/keys which could be used to change arp parameters, so I would to control it from different device (another controller). ARP config is assigned to port, where notes comes on. Even on arturia keystep pro there are no good controllers to assign arp config, so it makes sense to allow control by different device. Now - arp function is usable only if it's predefined in MRCC config. In jam it's necessary to do quick changes and one controller (for example MIDI Fighter Twister) is perfect to control all of them. I'll would request this feature, buf please let me know if it's possible to do that somehow (virtual cable?).

In summary:
USB Port 1 CH1 - controller - only for notes, to set bassline or accord. Assigned to ARP#1
USB Port 2 CH16 - controller to change ARP parameters in ARP#1

Above example is for USB, but i would be able to use DIN-5 too.
I see what you mean. I will discuss this with Steve as I agree it bears consideration. In the mean time you could work around by merging 2 ins (keyboard on DIN Port 1 and CC controller for arp control on Port 2, for instance), to a DIN out (lets say Port 2) then take port 2 out and put it back in DIN input Port 3, and use that combined MIDI data for your Arp.

I think that would solve this issue, if being just a little cumbersome. Let me know if I have anything turned around in my understanding though, and let me know if it works.

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