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Sysex and 2 MRCCs
This morning I am trying to send a sysex message from a controller connected via DIN and MRCC-A to a device connected on USB-A on MRCC-B

When I monitor the traffic, I see it going from the controller to MRCC-A, but it never seems to appear over on MRCC-B.
In parallel, I have something generating MIDI notes going from MRCC-A to MRCC-B and the receiving device plays just fine. 

Is there anything in the code/configuration that would prevent sysex going across MRCC connections?
If I press the "Y" button, I see the in/out LEDs are properly lit.

It could be some user config error here for sure, but wanted to know if you guys checked sysex between MRCCs.

I did another set of tests - regular MIDI (CC messages, notes) travel across the MRCC-MRCC bridge but system exclusive messages do not.
The same controller hooked up to port 5 on MRCC-A can successfully send CC data to a synth connected to USB-A on MRCC-B. System exclusive messages sent from that same controller do not pass through.
Thanks for this feedback, Tom, I will make sure Steve sees it and try and relay what he says about it. I don't actually know if this is expected behavior or not at this point, it may be that there was something overlooked or that there is some unknown limitation at play, I will try and see if I can find out though.

OK, so it sounds like the issue is that Steve doesn't have CAN bus (the protocol we use for inter-MRCC coms) support for SysEx implemented yet, but he will begin working on a solution for that next week.
Thanks for the update. You all had been very quiet recently. I updated my OXI to version 2 (there may be yet another update to apply) and I may have time this weekend to test that MIDI clock/sync issue another user was having
I just ran it by the dudes and Darryl mentioned that he was able to recreate that issue and said we plan on debugging further.

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