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Modifier: Channel Spreader
I have two the same mono synthesizers that work on two different channels. Usually I use them for different sounds, but I came up with the idea to use them simultaneously with the proposed Channel Spreader module. The point is that every note command that is sent is sent once to one synthesizer, then to another, and back to first again. When two keys are pressed simultaneously, two independent mono messages will be sent to both synthesizers (both for different notes). In this way, we get real 2-voice polyphony. An additional setting would be to send CC commands from the input to both synthesizers simultaneously. After all, it can be sent to polyphonic synthesizers and produced interesting effects.

Additional optional features:
- randomly spreading note commands to different, defined channels (useful, for example, if you have different sounds on different synthesizers and you want random notes to be played with a different timbre)
- range of channels to be spread - you can use several connected synths
- partial spread, e.g. 25% to one, 75% to the other, and then random 58% and 42% in the next, etc.
I came here to propose the same for an entirely different reason lol.
Polyend Medusa has a hybrid mode with 6 FM voices and an analog mono voice. Unfortunately, it's only accessible in the "voice per channel" mode, where they are controlled by channels 1-6 and 9 correspondingly. Obviously, I'd prefer all the FM voices staying on one channel for the ease of sequencing. So it would be awesome if the MRCC could send messages from a specific channel to channel 1 (on a specific output) if there aren't any notes playing, to channel 2 if there's one playing, to channel 3 if there are two playing and so on. This way the MRCC would allow me to sequence all the FM voices with one poly sequencer (or play them live) while still being able to sequence/play the analog voice.

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