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NDLR Availability
(06-10-2022, 07:18 AM)BlurTheLines Wrote:
(06-06-2022, 08:51 AM)musicstein Wrote: Any update of new unit availability?

I've been disheartened to see the price of used modules creep to $700 to $1100 on ebay and Reverb.

I'll defer to Jesse to speak more definitively about availability. Even with the chip shortage starting to improve I'm guessing smaller companies' (like Conductive Labs) production orders have to wait behind larger companies' production orders.  

I agree it's a bummer to see people price gouging due to low supply. Another example is Plinky. The DIY sells for 180 euro and there are people trying to get thousands for it. That's capitalism for you.

That said, keep in mind that Reverb leaves the original asking price listed for "Sold" listings. I just got a NDLR on Reverb that says it sold for $700 but I actually got it for $550. Most of the folks capitalizing on low supply hope for maximum profit but, at least in my case, they came down a bit. I wasn't thrilled to pay $550 but that's the cost of not wanting to wait I guess.

(06-14-2022, 09:06 PM)BlurTheLines Wrote:
(06-14-2022, 12:53 PM)musicstein Wrote: Being in tech, I know for sure the big companies have contracts which grant them first run at semiconductor batches.

@BlueTheLines  I'm pretty sure I bid against you on the NDLR Smile bon chance

Did you find one?

I’m going to give it another week or two but I’m not sure the NDLR is for me

I have not found one yet. My budget is about $450, which is making it harder for me to bid on the ones going for $600 to $800.

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