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USB device connection to iConnectivity MioXL - MIDI class compliance issue?

I am trying to connect the MRCC as a USB device to the iConnectivity MioXL as a host (MioXL host port to MRCC device/PC port - essentially using MioXL as a PC). I was expecting to see 12 virtual host ports to appear in the MioXL. However, the MioXL does not detect the MRCC at all. I saw that the NDLR has had a similar issue with the MioXL over USB. Is the MRCC also affected by this issue? Are there any plans to address this? This setup is important to me as I have devices connected to both the MRCC and MioXL and I need to have them communicate. Thank you!
I have basically the same situation, but with a MioXM. Is the NDLR class compliant? I don't know why I can't find that anywhere. I assume that it's not since it's not showing up in the list. Maybe there's a firmware update, but I'm not seeing that either, at least nothing later than 2019.
The NDLR is unfortunately not recognized by the MioXL as last I've heard, although I do believe it is class compliant. The most recent firmware update for the NLDR was published in 2022, but it doesn't cover any MIO related bug fixes.

The NDLR is built on the teensy micro-processor framework and utilizes the MIDI stack included in that ecosystem. We've sent the Mio team instructions on how to set up a teensy to mimic a NDLR for testing purposes to help them debug the issue a couple of years ago. I'm not sure whether or not they were able to get to the bottom of it however. I'll reach out to Travis today and see where it stands and whether I can help push this towards a solution.


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