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Is there a way to create a filter that converts note data to CC?
Long story short, I want to take the midi note data from my other gear, run it through the MRCC and back out to my Roland TR8s to control the pitch/tune of (any) one of the instrument channels.

From the MIDI data sheet and a whole bunch of RTFMing, the Tr8s only accepts CC data for pitch changes since the note data triggers the drums like most drum machines. 

Is there a filter option that can do this sort of thing that I have missed in the MRCC manual?
No unfortunately that isn't one of the modifiers available on the MRCC. It seems like it would be a pretty easy first arduino MIDI project though. I bet it would be pretty straight forward to make a program that takes input pitches on one channel and outputs a CC on the same channel. There's a youtuber called Notes and Volts that has a pretty newb friendly tutorial series on Arduino MIDI hacking you might enjoy.

I was able to find a video that shows EXACTLY how to do what I am looking to do..I just need to add a ZOIA to the rig now.


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