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Weird behaviors/ Bugs with USB ports
I am seeing some odd behavior with my MRCC and its USB ports.

I have an M8 (Handheld tracker) which has both midi din in/out (1/8th") and midi over USB. I have a very simple sequence on a single midi channel playing on the M8. It is sending clock, transport, and program change .

1. When sending this channel out to a synth (Intellijel Palette Midi 1u) via midi din (out port 7) the sequence plays perfectly. However, when I try to route the same data to the USB port on the Palette (USB in/out A on the MRCC) I get randomly skipped notes/ CC data. Clock & start/stop are still sent fine.

2. The other problem I am seeing with my USB ports is that the M8 USB out (fully class compliant) is ignored (no data at all registers on the MRCC).

3. And finally I am getting Hard locks about 25% of the time on the MRCC if I cycle power on the Intellijel Palette while the USB is plugged into the MRCC.

I have been slowly debugging this the last few days, so if you need additionaly info/ video I can certainly add that
Hey Mathew,
Thank you for bringing this to my attention, we do intend that the MRCC USB host ports be compatible with Class Compliant MIDI devices, however occasionally even some of those can have implementations which can cause compatibility problems. If we have the devices in the lab there is often a chance we can figure out what is causing the issue, but without the device it can be hard to pin down an exact cause. We're trying to keep track of device compatibility issues here. I will ask Darryl to add the M8 and the palette case to the list. I'll keep my eyes peeled for friends that might have one of these devices locally that we might take a look at. Which is not to say that there is nothing we can do, if you would like to set up a time to talk I'd be happy to meet via Zoom to go over troubleshooting with you. Please send me an email at to get that started.


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