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Key changes and note cutoff
Hello I just got an NDLR and am really loving it, it's a great tool for live improve, the one issue I'm having is when I want to change the key/scale mid song, I go to the page, use shift so I don't immediately switch select what key I want to Change to, then I quickly have to release shift and select the new scale degree of the root note of the chord I want to switch to in the new scale, before the next beat hits, my problems are, one, it is alot too do fast but I can practice that to get it in time, the real issue is as soon as shift is released, the notes or the chord are chopped off.. which makes the transition sound a little broken, is there a better way to handle this so that doesn't happen and it holds the notes till the next bar and then performs the key change and plays the new chord in the new key, I'm thinking something in that machine wants to probably immediately change key, which would be fine if all I had to do was release shift I could use good timing to land it right on the bar, but since I also must select the new chord after the key change or it applies to the old key, it would be impossible without some form of drop, especially it I also need to shift select a different type of chord it would be even longer with no notes since I am new to the device is there a way this can be handled to minimize or eliminate this so my my notes are not cut off before the next beat when they are played again.

Hopefully this makes sense and I can clarify if need be, thanks for the help. Love the NDLR
Yes, this is something that we would like to improve. When NDLR was created, it wasn't really architected with a single path to manage all of the parts notes. When the Key or Mode changes, it essentially corrupts the note pool, so NDLR goes to turn the notes off but they've changed position and it causes stuck notes. So the workaround is turning all notes off when the Key or Mode changes.

This is something that's still high on the list of things we'd like to address, but with one guy writing code for all of our products it could be a while. On the bright side, when this does get fixed, we could potentially add a motif gate setting on one of the knobs! A feature addition we'd really like to have.
The ugly thing is that the NDLR even turns notes off on the connected devices when it is *stopped* (stop button + ext. synch stop), because Key Changing (e.g. from a random modulation) still occurs. This interrupts any playing on the connected synths. Bad bug.

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