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Hi, I tried connecting the OP-1 to the usb of the MRCC and set the OP-1 to sync, which should allow the OP-1 to listen to clock and transport. However, nothing happens, as if the OP-1 wasn't connected. Can the MRCC act as a USB host for the OP-1? Is there something I do wrong?
(Note, the main controller is the Octatrack connected in the MRCC midi din ~ none of my elektron boxes work with MRCC usb but work fine with midi din)  Thanks
Hi Julien,
Unfortunately the OP1 is one of the devices we were unable to get to work via USB host port during the beta testing. We've posted a spreadsheet with the devices we know work (or not) on the website, I'll put a link below. Most devices that are problematic tend to be devices which have double duty USB roles, for instance in this case the OP1 also appears as a hard drive. I don't know whether or not the OP1 is supposed to be a Class Compliant MIDI keyboard or not, but I know that the Electron boxes aren't. The USB host ports are only supposed to work with MIDI Class Compliant devices, so that's a good thing to check, however we've still had the occasional issue sneak through with those as well.
Hi Jesse! Thanks for the answer. Do you know if using something like the Kenton midi usb host box would work? I'm guessing it should..?
Here's the link:

I can't say for sure whether or not it would, but I'll google it.


Here's what I found in a forum:
The simplest (and cheapest, since you already own it) USB Host you can use is the laptop you already own. This will handle talking to the OP-1 and routing the signal to any other USB MIDI device you own. If you want to use the OP-1 with another USB MIDI or MIDI DIN device without a laptop, you will need to purchase something like the OPLAB, iConnectMIDI4+, Kenton USB Host, or CerebelUSB MIDI thingy. Each have their own feature sets that may or may not be useful to you, so research what is worth the money to you. Some also connect to iPads and iPhones for app connectivity. If you just want to connect an iPad/iPhone with the OP-1, several OP-1 users have purchased the Apple USB Camera Connector and have had success.

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