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USB sysex issues
Is you Macbook connected via PC port? I believe those ports should pass SYSEX (currently I'm pretty sure MIDI host ports and outputs 7-12 do not pass sysex). Can you try using the internal midi monitor to take a look and see if it's passing data when you send it? It's on page four of the tools, but you'll have to press select to un-pause it once you get to the correct page.
Yes, connected via PC port. The midiAlf seemed to receive data, but locked up in the process. So the sysex seemed to pass but not correctly.
OK, I will try to see if I can set up a test on my end, I only have one piece of kit that I know uses SYSEX (or at least that I know how it uses SYSEX). I can try a test in the morning and see if I can get it to fail.

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