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USB compatible (or not) devices list
Waldorf Iridium works over USB as well.
(08-11-2021, 06:10 PM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote: I think it bears mentioning that in order to say a device works, we should be able to plug it into the unit and power cycle it without issue. It may be worth giving that a shot on these "works" devices to see how they hold up.

Yesterday I tested a couple of devices, including the power-cycle test: 
  • Squarp Pyramid MK2 (OS 4.02): USB MIDI in and out work reliably, also after power-cycles  
  • MFB Dominion Club (v1.05): not working - receives MIDI after first connection to a host port, but once either the device is unplugged, or the device or the MRCC is power-cycled, it no longer connects reliably. No entry for the USB device is added to the labels.
  • Waldorf Blofeld (v1.25): exactly the same as Dominion Club
  • Elektron Syntakt (v1.01): no connection detected, no MIDI data sent or received
  • Elektron Digitakt  (v1.30B): no connection detected, no MIDI data sent or received
  • Elektron Digitone (v1.032a): no connection detected, no MIDI data sent or received

My MRCC is on version 1.1.052.
I'm having great success with the Waldorf M connected to a usb port.

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