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software editor?
+1 for an editor

Love the hands on control, but I also love flexibility

Right now it is on my desktop, but if I decide to rack it, it becomes more cumbersome to navigate , and an editor helps for creating presets etc
I vote for the Editor too. Would be of great help
+1 to that!!!!
Would love it too, hopefully on Linux...Maybe an editor in a browser like the Electra One.
Since it doesn't support sysex dumps or CC control over the settings, likely not going to happen. Better approach for short term is some kind of mechanical change to get easy access to the SD Card
A software editor would be great for me. I often run my studio remotely and being able to view or change the routings would be a godsend, without being in front of the MRCC. Also, my MRCC is mounted at the back of a rack, so accessing it can be a bit hard on the back (it's in the rack, because we take that rack out live and it's the brain of our routing)
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