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Squarp Instruments Hermod works over USB
(07-27-2021, 08:32 AM)Spares Wrote: Hi Jesse...

Yes, good point - I'm a Pyramid Mk2 user.

As I understand it, the first batch (x100) of Mk1 devices - had an accelerometer - but the remaining Mk1 devices did not. The Mk2 device had a recessed touchpad, as opposed to flush. And the Mk3 'current' iteration has introduced other cosmetic changes such as different coloured pads.

I'm not aware of any other technical/hardware changes, USB midi has always been a feature, and all versions can, I believe, run the latest OS.

Do you happen to know which version of the Pyramid was tested as being compatible, as listed in the CL compatibility tracker?

Yes, the tester was using hardware V1. This user did have to drop out from beta testing fairly early on, so it's possible they just hadn't run into the issue of power cycling during the time they had it hooked up. We can make a not of that in the compatibility tracker now though so going forward that issue is stated somewhere. 

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