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Modifier - Combine two CC into one, different CC (like SHIFT + key)
The idea is to create modifier that works when TWO predefined CC signals are present. For example KNOB1 change Cut Off, PAD1 do nothing, but when PAD1 is pressed AND KNOB1 is changing, then it will send another CC, for example to change Resonance only (no PAD1 signal or KNOB1 Cut Off will be sent to output).
Thanks to this, having a small MIDI driver, you could program a lot of different functions in simplest possible way.

...and now even more. We could use any defined Note Key (for example C1) instead of PAD1. With single midi keyboard with single knob (or slider - i have one keyboard with volume slider only) it can be used for advanced CC changes. Even arturia keystep pro have only 5 knobs in single control track, but with this trick it could be multiplied for all tracks and much more CCs changes.

Make sense?

PS. I moved older post with this idea here.
Everyday I miss this feature more and more Smile I use nanocontroller2 and this small device could be used to control almost all important CC for few synths Smile 8 knobs + 8 sliders multiplied by the number of remaining buttons (used as different "SHIFT" keys). This could be really killer feature.
Is anything planned or rejected? This could open sooooo many possibilities.
Is it possible?

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