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Various NDLR jams
Hi all,

So, been enjoying the NDLR for nearly a month now. Still plenty of investigating to do, but it seems to be working very well for me.

I've got a selection of jams up on my YouTube channel, and it feels like I can shamelessly plug myself here by advertising it to you fine people:

It's all kinda "melodic glitch", I guess that's the genre. "IDM" always sounds a bit pretentious. I like trying to combine pleasant melodies with stuttery, polyrhythmic, percussion. And then it's played under eye-gouging acid flashback visuals, which you may or may not want to actually sit through.

Hardware-wise we are:

Roland MC707 as the "brain" and then much of the noises. The NDLR goes MIDIA Out to the 707's MIDI In, which then normally assigns Channels 1+2 to Motifs, 3 for the Drone, and 4 for the Pad. At the minute I'm chord changing with the front panel of the NDLR - I experimented a bit with controlling chord changes by MIDI, but for the moment I'm mostly happy playing it by hand.

Novation AFX Station. Typically used for one of the Motifs or the Drone. Either way it's connected to the MIDI-1 Out of the 707 and I just assign the channels however I like. The audio is then fed back in to the 707.

BlackBox1010. Typically used for adding loops, although I've been experimenting recently with using it for another Motif - and even using one of the Motifs to control percussion, with some S&H LFO to create a more 'random' feel to the samples it plays. The audio is also fed back in to the 707.

The NDLR is powered from the BlackBox1010 via USB, and then takes the clock from the BlackBox. The BlackBox is plugged into the MIDI-2 Out of the 707 which is itself sending clock to the BlackBox so the real 'master' is the 707. It's a bit round-a-bout, but it keeps everything as sync'd as I want. The 707 is then connected to my PC via USB (which is why I'm not powering the NDLR with the 707 ...) so I can record and master stuff into Ableton. There is also often a cheeky bit of Izotope's StutterEdit added in with the mix for fun.

Video visuals, in case anyone was interested, are from a piece of software called Magic. 

It'd be lovely if anyone fancies a listen. Any and all feedback gratefully received - either here or on YouTube.

Thanks for your time.

Peace and love,
Wow. I watched NDLR Jam 1 thru 7 just now. Just great, you've got a new subscriber. Jam 1 sounds like a NDLR jam, but by the time I got to 3, I was like, "wait, this is a NDLR?" Some NDLR effects were apparent, but mostly just lots of other good stuff. I'll have to listen to your older tunes now.

The trouble with hearing stuff like this is makes me wonder about my path. Here I am content to be doing bizarre stuff, then I hear your music, and I'm like, whoa, perhaps I should rethink what I'm doing.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Great pieces, and great gear choices! I know because I have the same gear. ? The NDLR and the MC-707 are a powerful combo, though I haven't tried adding in the Blackbox and the Novation yet. Gotta love the mixer element of the 707 for pulling it all together.
These were rad. Glitch baby, Glitch!
Keep enjoying the NDLR and the creative process.

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