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MRCC pre-order store is open on Backerkit
The Backerkit MRCC pre-order store is open! 

MRCC Pre-Orders

The current estimated date for shipping pre-orders is late March 2021. While we really appreciate your excitement for MRCC, we're excited too, please understand that this is a product that is still in development. Though we've crossed the threshold and are ordering the parts for production, we still have to get everything dialed in. If you are at all concerned about the delivery date, please wait to order until we have units in stock. We will be selling them on our website at that time, probably for just a little more $$.
[Update] We plan to start taking orders around the first week of March. Deliver still expected by end of March.

We are racing to make 250 units for our Kickstarter contributors before Chinese New Year, which starts February 5th in China. Once their holiday starts, nothing gets done for a about 3 weeks and there's a backlog of work to catch up on afterwards. Kickstarter backers, please don't order at the pre-order store, you will get a survey with an offer for add-ons before we start shipping, and rack ears are included with your Perk.
[Update] We will have a pilot run before Chinese New Year, but perks will be manufactured and ship in March.

On Backerkit, credit cards are processed by Stripe. I believe they only charge your card once we've indicated that we are ready to ship. We've made shipping $35, plus $5 for an accessory or two. We'll be covering a portion of the shipping cost depending on the destination. We will ship with a method that provides tracking. We ship from our Hong Kong based fulfillment partner. Outside the USA, you will be responsible for import tax, duty or VAT. Check with your Customs website for import rules and fees. 

Check out the FAQs on Backerkit...

All the best,
Darryl and Steve!
There have been some requests for pre-ordering by PayPal. We looked into it, and its not a good option. PayPal policy requires shipping the product within a specific period of time and if its not shipped they could suspend our account, which would really cause a problem.
What we can do is, when we have a delivery date for when we can fulfill orders, we'll start taking pre-orders by PayPal on our store. About 25 days before we expect to start delivering them. We will be making them in volume so there won't be a long wait for later orders.
We post MRCC updates on Kickstarter here:
Some past updates were marked as for Kickster contributors only, but going forward we'll make public posts for anything not specifically Kickstarter related.

As of January 25 2021, the pilot production run is starting and we've tested a sample with our manufacturing rep in China. Its looking great!
[Image: 18425746602c295f3579127ffdb7ab03_origina...f4421bcc4a]

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