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Extended Chords
(01-26-2021, 01:57 AM)wolf Wrote:
(01-22-2021, 10:24 PM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote: I have run this past Steve before and the issue is in that the NDLR selects notes from the pool in cascading series of logical choices rather than number of semitones, so it becomes extremely difficult to approach customizing chord selections for such a feature. It's been a while since I asked so it may be that I'm wrong about the specifics, but it is definitely on the list of requested features and I will ask him again next time we have a discussion on the subject, as it would be a really great feature to implement.


If the NDLR selects notes from a "pool" as you say, wouldn't it be possible to change the source (aka "the pool") on demand? Say, the source might be either "NDLR default", or MIDI notes from channel XY. You might even add constraining parameters for the number of MIDI notes making up the pool: all notes received within a certain time-frame, or a fixed number of notes after which any new note replaces the first one (similar to polyphony).

Given these features, it would be possible to allow another sequencer/arpeggiator "run" the NDLR by controlling the pool of notes.
You can already do a lot of that using MIDI CCs almost all of the parameters are controllable with an external sequencer. You and set the chord degree with the control channel, the Scale and key with CC, even which patterns on the Motif parts etc. The NDLR is a beast to meta sequence. I highly encourage exploring this avenue. The only thing you won't get from this is 9th chords Wink
but as far as making broad sweeping changes to the functionality, I don't see that happening. 

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