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ARGGH - never an evening where everything works/Remote
I wonder if it is a timing issue? Most of my USB gear is on the same power strip as one of my MRCCs. They all get powered on at the same time. The second MRCC is on a separate power strip and typically gets turned on after the first one boots up. I haven't been paying close attention to the startup sequence and relate that to when I have connection weirdness. I'll start tracking it to see.

Question for the MRCC devs - what does the MRCC do to detect and assign USB ports? Does it periodically poll the sockets or is there a standard USB protocol that the host gets some type of ping when a device is plugged in?

Same question for multiple MRCCs.

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RE: ARGGH - never an evening where everything works/Remote - by oldgearguy - 08-25-2021, 01:54 AM

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