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Recording notes into the pattern editor
I finally got this to work, but (maybe someone can verify), it looks like it only works if the midi controller channel is not the same as the one set up for other sections?

(it could be something else - like it doesn't like channel 1. something that would explain what i'm seeing).

in any case - wanted to explore more midi interaction today (was controlling the pad section with midi cc yesterday, and that works great)

But yeah - it was not working at all when i had but ndlr cntrl midi set to '1 all'. As soon as I changed it to channel 2, and sent the notes to channel 2, it worked. Not a biggie, but I haven't found this discussed (might very well have missed it) or mentioned in the manual. Ideally I use channel 1 for everything - and thus far sending cc messages was working fine with channel 1.

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Recording notes into the pattern editor - by Nelson Baboon - 07-11-2021, 10:43 AM

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