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esi m4u xl - crx091081gb - 09-19-2021

I have two esi m4u-xl's that I use(d) to route all my synths in and and out of my pc. Now that I've got the MRCC I was wondering if I could use them in the usb host ports. They're midi class compliant but only input and output ports 1 out of the 4 work when I plug them into the MRCC. Any chance this might change in a future firmware update or is this a limitation of the hardware?

RE: esi m4u xl - Jesse Johannesen - 09-19-2021

Nothing is set in stone, but I can't see that particular situation changing anytime soon. It's good to know that the 4 x 1 ports show up and are useable. That's pretty sweet actually.

RE: esi m4u xl - crx091081gb - 09-21-2021

yeah, the extra 8 inputs are pretty sweet. It'd be really great to get 6 more outputs if you're feeling generous  Big Grin