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Full Version: Motif 2 playing too high notes
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@Darryl: No it's the same. Also there's nothing in the mod matrix at all.

Also just noticed that now when I'm playing motif 2 by itself the issue is still there.
I'm running out of things to try... I think at this point I would do a Factory Reset. It will set everything back to out of box condition.

To do a factory reset, unplug the NDLR from USB
While holding the Shift + Menu buttons, plug in the NDLR, you will see the Boot menu
Press the PAD button to reset, then PANIC to exit
Ok, I did a factory reset and then started recreating the settings one by one (had pictures of them). And the problem came back. Which is both good and bad I guess (good since it's recreate-able) Smile

I'm wondering if it's something I've misunderstood in the settings for that motif - so here's a screen shot to review:
An update:

I played around with some parameters to see if I could get out of the problem and noticed the following:

- If I change the RHYTHM to another variant motif 2 plays correctly the next time I start with ALL.
- However if I stop and start it again (without changing RHYTHM) the problem is back.
- It doesn't matter what RHYTHM I'm using.
- If I enter the RHYTHM EDITOR and change something in there - like the division - then it also sorts out the issue.
- Finally this only seems to be a problem when using the Ping-Pong (w/ 1st & last notes repeated) pattern variant.
Yep, I've replicated the problem, its definitely tied to using the ping-pong variation. Pretty strange behavior, I'm sure Steve will have some fun looking at that one when he's back in town next week.
Excellent. Looking forward to seeing the result.

And thanks for all the help!
(01-17-2020, 11:12 PM)shubhamviva Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, I was facing the same issue with my NDLR but I later regonised that it was connected with another synth so I just disconnected it. It's working fine now.

I can confirm that I have also experienced this bug for several months. I find that slightly tweaking the motif restores order.
Best regards
Steve was looking at this today, its really fun to see what could cause something like this to happen. The problem with the notes playing in the wrong octave is probably a different issue. He'll look at that too.
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