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Full Version: Is it possible to start the midi clock without launching any of the features?
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I am using my NDLR as my master clock because it has the most stable clock of my entire setup. 

I want to be able to start the clock (press "play") but NOT start the pads, drone, or motifs. I want those to ALWAYS be manually engaged. 

Is there a setting to change the play button to work this way? Or something else?

Unlike some sequencers that stop the clock when not playing, The NDLR clock is always on. We did this because we wanted our external synths and effects to have clock whether NDLR was playing or not.
I started to figure that out. I guess what I'm looking for is a way to tell it to send the start/stop (occurs when I press any play/pause button) WITHOUT also triggering a pad,drone, or motif. I can work around the situation using my mixer. But I like to use buttons sometimes for that rapid-entry of an effect.

In my mind, it would make sense for the main play/pause button to "start" and:
-turn on nothing by default, allowing the user full control at all times of what is playing (no surprises, ever)
-turn on only what was left on the last time the play/pause button was pressed (but start from boot in the state described above)

Thanks for reading Darryl!
Short of adding more buttons to The NDLR, the best way to achieve that is a seperate MIDI controller. I typically use a Beatstep Pro. Steve has recently been using a Korg Nano Kontrol hosted by our MRCC. We've both used Arturia KeyStep a lot.
Thanks I'll take a look at those options. 

I don't think we would need a whole new button. I just want the software to give me a choice about the behavior of the current "play all" button.