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Full Version: Midi start/stop output option seems bugged?
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I might just be misunderstanding this feature.

I assumed the midi start/stop output setting sent only midi start/stop signals. 

I assume that if I set midi start/stop output to "all" that it should not interact with the midi assignments for drone, pad, and motifs. 

But when I set the midi start/stop output to "all" it wildly interferes with what is being sent to the other midi outs. It seems like the start/stop output is sending notes also! 

My NDLR is ths most ROCK SOLID midi clock of my entire setup and my Blofeld depends on this, otherwise it "clicks" eg as Ableton tempo drifts. But I need NDLR to output start/stop to usb AND midi without interacting otherwise. Is that possible?

I'll take a stab at helping here. I agree with your two assumptions, but this statement is a bit odd:

"But when I set the midi start/stop output to "all" it wildly interferes with what is being sent to the other midi outs."

If you set Start/Stop to All, then there are no 'other' outputs. All includes USB 1-4, and MIDI A&B. There are no other outputs that I know of. And, depending on where you've assigned the parts to output their note data, a Start should be followed by note information.

If you have Start/Stop set to All, where do you have the parts assigned to? And, where are you looking to see Start/Stop also sending notes? For example, if you set Start/Stop to All, and have the Drone part set to All as well, then pushing the Drone Start button will send a Start to all six ports followed by note data on all six ports.

Hope this helps, I may have misunderstood your question and caused more confusion, but I am just trying to help.
I have resolved the issue. Turning the unit off and back on and now the start/stop output is behaving as I wanted it to (which is actually to drive everything via USB, but at first that didn't seem to work).

Per your reply, which I appreciate, I was thinking that the start/stop output ONLY sent the start/stop signals to the devices. So I figured the menu was letting me choose where to send start/stop depending on what mix of outputs I was connected to. Once a start was sent I assumed notes would take over from the assignments for pad, drone, motifs.

But, I managed to get the NDLR to run the clock through USB and it seems to be reaching everything now.