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Full Version: Update goes wrong
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Hi! I'm Anthea, was a happy NDLR user, decide to do the update. So I follow all the instruction on the website (reread it 3 times did nothing wrong) and when I push the FW button with a pen the NDLR shutdown and... never goes on again. No reaction at all, I tried uunplug it re plug it, to my computer, to another, to a usb current adaptator and just nothing. I think I need help please!

Have a nice day.

Sorry posted too fast, I did the opperation again, like three time in a row and it's working again. Was pretty affraid. This post can be deleted. Sorry everyone, have a cool day!
No problem, glad you got it figured out. The great thing about using the Teensy bootloader is that it makes The NDLR practically un-brickable. Its a bit expensive, but its worth it.