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Full Version: chord quantization bug
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Quote:I think the best way is to look at the note events through the logic analyzer. When I get some time I’ll have a look.

Hi Steve,

Wondering if you have had a chance to look at this? (appreciate you're busy)

(12-16-2019, 01:16 AM)drGrov Wrote: [ -> ]Watching the NDLR's main display I think I've come up with a possible cause. The NDLR seems to change chords early when the chord sequencer is running. I think that change is happening before the the last 1/8th note of the chord (e.g. during the 7th 1/8th note in a single bar chord). The NDLR then quantizes this change to the next 1/8th note and so changes early. This doesn't happen with 1/4 note quantization as the NDLR is already in the last 1/4 note of the chord when it decides to change.

Here's some more debugging to see how the chord sequencer was changing things at various quantization settings. I set up a simple two chord sequence, each step being 1.0 1/4 notes long and different chords. One motif was set to generate 1/8 notes, with a pattern length of 1 so I could spot when the chord sequencer changed the motif (as motifs are unaffected by the quantize setting).

After recording the motif and pad note on messages via MIDI-OX I saw that the very first chord of the sequence is 3 1/8th notes shorter than it should be (e.g. 5 note on messages were recorded for the motif). So the chord sequencer is definitely changing chords early.

I'm guessing this short first chord is then throwing out the pad changes of the following chords. I've observed that the pad appears in different positions relative to the motif changes depending on the quantization setting and chord length. For example with the above settings the 1/4 quantized pad appeared half way through a run motif notes, other settings had the pad and motif in sync.

I've never understood why the motifs ignore the quantization setting. Perhaps I'm too grid oriented but I'd like to be able to have everything change at the same time Smile
Hi Steve and Darryl,

Could you please give an update on whether the issue highlighted in this thread is on the radar for fixing?

Thanks in advance
Thank you Ian for the details. That will help us to troubleshoot.
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