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Full Version: Arm on Start // Sync with Minilogue XD
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I first wanna say thanks to the team for this amazing piece of fun! Still learning the basics but definitely happy with my purchase.

I have 2 questions.

1. My Octatrack is master, Ndlr the slave. Each time I hit stop on the OT, it disarms all the ndlr voices (doesn't apply if I hit play again to pause on the OT). I've read here in the forum that this is an expected behavior, but is there a workaround to always keep in memory which voices are armed, no matter if the stop button has been pressed?

While composing, I feel a bit annoyed to always re-arm everything...

2. The Ndlr is master, the Sunthtrom Deluge is slave and send the ndlr Pad to the Minilogue XD on channel 3. It works. But the ML doesn't seem to synchronize its lfo. I mean, the lfo is running on the good time division and according to the clock, but starts randomly offtime from the beat (hope it is clear...)
I send the Drone the same way to the Waldorf Rocket on channel 1, and the lfo is perfectly synchronized, so I think my settings are ok. 
Some help would be very welcome!

Ok, self answer for question 2 :
I thought the Ndlr clock would run thru every machine to the ML, actually I had to turn on the clock out of the Deluge (even with thru enabled).
I'm not a pro with midi, but it works great now.