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Full Version: Some UI comments/questions
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The red ring around the stopped white circle is very difficult to see for me.  Around the blue  'playing' circle it's fine.  Maybe when a part is stopped, fill the circle in red to make it more obvious?

I don't know how much of an outlier this next one is, but I don't use USB at all.  It would be nice if there was a way to select which ports are active for my setup so when I scroll through the MIDI channels, I only see what I'm (potentially) using.
Thanks and good feedback on those mod pause rings.

On the menu for the MIDI port/channel selection, agree the control is a bit overloaded. Its a side effect of our menu structure which we wanted to keep flat. That is, no diving into sub menus. So we only have so many slots available in the menu system and had to stack some things up.