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Full Version: Motif Velocity
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So I tried to lover the velocity on global page but when I got back to motif(1/2) and changed the velocity to Motif velocity it would not recognize the new smaller value. Am I doing something wrong ? 

While on this I would suggest that the global velocity setting could also SCALE the rhythm pattern velocity as a poor man volume control
I tried the same, but I'm watching it in MIDI-Ox and its looks right. I set the menu 2 Mot 1 Vel to 106, went back to the main screen, changed accent to MOT VEL and the output shows a velocity of 106. However, I can't hear it because my Erebus doesn't support velocity.
Ok, I was looking for an excuse to do this. I've patched the Neutron for velocity and its working as expected. You can try increasing the Vel Low percentage and use an accent pattern to see if you can hear it.
Hi, I spot that when NDLR boots, the Mot 1 Vel is reset to zero on Settings 2/3 page