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Full Version: Firmware version
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Hi there!

I just got a second hand NDLR, in the display I can read "Firmware v1.1.029".

I downloaded the manual and there I can see it refers to Firmware version 1.1.053.

Is my version obsolete? Should I update it to a newer version?

Thank you for a clarification.


The current firmware on our web site download page is 1.1.020. The version on your NDLR is a beta release. We've had a bunch of beta releases and have not updated the website version for along time. Because you registered on the forum, you have access to the latest beta in The NDLR Open Beta Firmware section.

The latest beta FW has the new Chord Sequencer and MIDI controller features. There are a few known issues with the release but over all its worth a try. Steve is currently working to fix those known issues and we plan to have another release in about 1 week.
Thank you for this explanation Darryl!

I'll keep an eye on the new release expected for next week and give a try.