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Full Version: Motif midi ranges...
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I would like to limit the midi range of Motif 1 and 2.

I have experimented with position and pattern length to try to set ranges but have not been able to get what I want.

My aim is to limit one motif to C5 thru C7 and the other to C4 thru C5.

Is there a setting for motifs that allows me to establish motif midi ranges?

I can't think of any way to explicitly limit a range, other than what you have already tried. There are so many factors that The NDLR uses to decide on what notes to play. The best you could do is limit the length and test the chords to see if they exceed your limit. You can also play with the chord inversion setting to see how it affects the range. System menu 3, bottom left (knob 4).
Are you using a keyboard split? If that's why you want to limit the range, you should be able to set each split with a different MIDI channel.