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Full Version: OXI One via USB
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I'm having trouble connecting OXI One to MRCC via USB. When using TRS MIDI everything works totally fine, but since OXI has three outputs, I'd have to use three DIN cables with the splitter, which is fine and works, but uses up three of the inputs on MRCC.

I think I saw someone mention they had MRCC working with OXI over USB, but I couldn't really figure out how.
My OXI works with MRCC via USB. I sent MIDI messages to OXI, and OXI send midi messages to MRCC.
We've tested OXI USB MIDI with MRCC USB host ports. It initially did not work, but that was fixed with an OXI firmware update quite a long time ago.

Regarding 3 outputs on OXI; it would make sense to use 3 MIDI channels on one port rather than use up 3 inputs on MRCC.

If you are still stuck on this, please provide as much detail as possible, what you have tried and what the results were.