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Full Version: Push 3 Clock Jitter with Aftertouch
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I am having trouble getting a clean clock out of my Push 3 through the MRCC. As best I can tell, it's due to poly aftertouch generating lag in the clock pulses.

Push 3 is hooked up to input 1 via midi din. I have the Polyend Poly on USB port A, and the rest of my hardware on the midi din outputs. I have a sequence running from the Push to my Matriarch that contains aftertouch info (the aftertouch isn't currently patched to anything. The Push is new to me, and I'm learning as I go). Whenever an aT message is sent from the Push to the Matriarch, the clock signal goes haywire across all channels. My eurorack clock (through USB) jumps from 238ish bpm to 90ish, and my delay pedal (through midi din) clock is equally as erratic.

I checked the clock pulse that's coming out of my Poly 2, and I can see that there's a delay in the signal whenever an aT message is sent. To isolate the issue to the MRCC, I routed the Push directly to the Poly 2 via midi din, and the pulse holds constant (I presume the Poly 2 is ignoring the aftertouch, but I haven't checked their docs yet). Sequences without aftertouch don't appear to have this issue.

Any thoughts on how I can improve this situation? I can certainly work around the issue, but it would be great to be able to use the Push as my master clock while utilizing poly aftertouch. Thanks!